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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2018 10:16 am
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Some things you DON'T forget !  L:

Like your first Model Railroad power-pack ... & other firsts I'll save for my memoirs !!  ;)

It was stashed away for years in Ma & Pas loft ... As 'progress' dictates for some things.  :P

I actually had a couple of even older throttles before this ...

... one of them even had a TRANSISTOR ! in it ... Well I never !  :shocked:

But back in the day, I was inspired by this lil' ol' power-pack, which Pa bought 2nd hand for me as a kid !  :)

It had 'momentum' for one ! ... NICE !  :bg:

Now you DIDN'T get THAT on old 'Tri-ang' or 'H&M' throttles back in those days.  :old dude:

Anyways without further ado ...

A 'Codar Controls' ... Model ... something something something.  ???

When I stumbled upon the pic. on the Net, I did try to find a better one than this, but no luck.  :f:

I gave her away some years back, to a friend who thought he might use her for his kids starter layout.

Probably now rusting in the back of his workshop somewhere !  :time:

Oh well my D.I.Y. home built 'momentum' throttle is much better than ^^ that ol' dawg anyways !  :cool:

But memories are memories !

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