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 Posted: Thu Dec 20th, 2018 04:20 pm
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Not so sure it is really a concern but rather a lack of understanding on my part.
I'm pretty comfortable with the idea of charging a 1S
(or 1P although I don't know that there is actually any difference in that case)
but when I read about 2S packs it seems you need a balancing charger more that just the two wire hook up to charge.

What I would like to avoid is fiddling with the loco any more than necessary once I get it built as I am a notorious fumble-fingers.

I kind of planned from the start to put charger leads on rails inside an engine house,
that I could turn on and charge the battery through the rails but leave the rest of the layout un-powered.
The S-Cab supports that out of the box, but I really like the overall approach of DelTang, or converting RC car components.

I think the DCC protocol is very inefficient for a bound transmission.
I also would prefer to be on 2.4GHZ instead of 900MHZ. 

I am also thinking that sticking with 1S would probably be sufficient for my needs,
but I need to figure out whether I need a step-up like a Pololu or not.
That functionality is part of the BPS solution from S-Cab and the reason it uses 1P, 2P or 3P instead of 1S, 2S or 3S packs.

In many ways S-Cab seems to be a perfect fit but something holds me back,
the DCC, the size of the equipment, the price. I don't know.

I think maybe it reminds me of the big fix that finally cemented DCC as "the solution".
"You can still run your DC locos on a DCC system".
Yah, right, as long as you don't mind having it sound like a drunken chipmunk as it sputters down the track.


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