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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2018 12:26 pm
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I also use primarily Pololu 9 volt regulators. 

Most engines are geared to run way to fast at 12 volts. 
You should test run an engine to see how it runs at various voltages. 
I have found on some 5 volts is plenty for prototype operations.
Keep in mind that the more you boost the voltage from a battery the less efficient the regulator is. 
Boosting from a single cell lipo (3.7 volts) to 9 volts is not very efficient. 
Boosting from a two cell lipo (7.4 volts) to 9 volts is very efficient. 
If 5 volts will do the trick the Pololu 5 volt with a single cell is very efficient. 

The Porter, as an example, runs one hour using a single cell. 
I have other Bachmann engines with the same motor using a two cell that run in excess of two hours. 

Carefully consider your running needs/desires and the configuration that best suits you and space available for the battery.

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