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 Posted: Mon Dec 24th, 2018 03:03 pm
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" Tom, I had no DC supply so no way of checking the Amps needed by the loco, so I did it this way.

I set up a DelTang RX/Pololu combination in a wagon of some sort and fed the output to the motor.
Then I installed a 100mAh battery and ran the train until the RX's onboard safety cutout operated at 3 Volts.
You need a wire on the 'L'-Pad to do this.

A 100mAh battery should provide 1 Amp for 6 minutes, so if your loco and train stopped after 24 minutes, the loco is rated at 250mAh.
You can do this with any battery size.
You need a continuous circuit to do this and it is best to isolate the loco pickups because a short circuit on the track will fry the Rx."

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This is just plain ingenious, imagine using math instead of yet another tool.

Seems like when I play with trains I shut off my thinking cap.

Great solution.


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