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 Posted: Thu Dec 27th, 2018 10:52 pm
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Bob D


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I model in O-scale and have converted about 18 engines from DCS/TMCC to BPRC using the Rx65b and various transmitters from RCS Australia. 
My batteries are 9.6v or 12.0v, 2000mAh, NiMh, or 11.1v 220mAh LiPo packs. 
I get approx 2.5 hours of run time, and it takes about that long to recharge them.

I've attached a diagram I use to wire an engine with a single motor, it incorporates a charging circuit also. 
I generally mount the on/off switch and charging jack under a false coal load made of foam rubber. 

There should be a load of photos in my album on the forum here.

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