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 Posted: Sun Dec 30th, 2018 08:25 am
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Long ago I have read an article in a US magazine refering to a kit by Pro Custom Hobbies, Philadelphia,
to convert a MDC Consolidation to a Ross Winans style Camel (not Camelback!).

Searched for this particular kit for years;
in the meantime I downloaded any picture I found of Camel type locos
(there is one - a later, 4-6-0 version -  preserved in the museum in StLouis)

Finally a kit showed up at fleabay.

When it arrived I was afraid to mess it up,
and duplicated it in resin to preserve the original parts in case something should go wrong.

A brand new MDC 2-8-0 had arrived also.
It had a tiny can motor installed so no trouble re DCC and running quality.
Butchered it immediately, and started to apply the pieces from the kit. 

Fabricated a BIG steam dome on the lathe, added brass stairs and a brass pilot.
Noticed that the drivers looked "naked" on the frame, without springs.
Pilot truck had to go. 

So fabricated springs from styrene according to prototype pictures, and added a brake cylinder.
Brass headlamp was moved beside the stack and a small bulb was inserted.
Kept the MDC tender but added a canopy to protect the poor fireman.

What a joy to work on a new piece that makes no mechanical trouble, and only deal with the optical part!

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