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 Posted: Fri Jan 4th, 2019 04:25 pm
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" Much has changed at Bountyland Railway "

Hi Unk.  :wave:

WOW ! ... I can see that MUCH HAS changed at Bountyland Railway !  :thumb:

You have been very busy by the looks of things.  :)

One thing hasn't changed though.  ???

Bob, you are still ...

... THE BIGGEST !!  :shocked:

I thought you had taken up On30 for a moment ...

... I mean it COULD be 1:48 scale Maine, if you didn't know better ...  L:

... & then, just as you were wondering where Bobs DCC chip was installed ... :!:


This crazy out of scale 7/8ths ? figure appears on the On30 layout !  :shocked:

Nice detailing on the painting of that checked-shirt Bob ...

... it ALMOST looks REAL !  :P

I think 1:35 is BIG ! enough for me at the moment ...

... but Mmm ...

... maybe I could get a 50' radius curve around the side of my house & into the garage ...

... erm ... I mean engine house !  :)

Bob, keep up the great work & don't decide to switch to On30 whatever you do.  :P

They say it helps to work in a larger scale as you get older ...  :old dude:

... no danger of you loosing any small detailing parts on the carpet Bob ...

... I guess if a loco goes missing, you just have a look around with some binoculars !!  ;)

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:



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