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 Posted: Fri Jan 4th, 2019 06:37 pm
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Reg H

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I have completed all of the 82 double-hung windows.  I have started work on the 36 clerestory windows.  

I tried to take a photo of all the walls, but just couldn't get far enough away.

This kit is not for beginners. 
Though, so far, there have not been any operations that are particularly challenging, it being a laser kit, it is quite complex.

The biggest skill required, that would be developed building advanced craftsman kits, is patience. 
Assembling and installing all these windows is a long and tedious process. 
I have almost 30 hours just in these windows.  

The quality of the kit is tremendous.  Most parts fit perfectly the first time. 
Those that do need trimming need very little. 
The instructions are the best I have seen in a while. They are well written and, so far, seem well thought out. 

Having said that, I have modified the sequencing somewhat. 
Something that should never be done lightly, especially in a kit of this quality. 
But I remember trying to build walls after they had been assembled together.  
For many decades now, and both kits and scratch built, I build walls flat on the bench.  

Th instructions call for assembling the framing, applying the sheathing, and then going to work on the windows. 
I talked to Bill Wade, at BTS, about modifying that.  He advised against it. 
After reviewing the instructions and dry fitting some parts, I decided to go against his advice. 

We will see how that works out. 

I could have been a bit more creative and modeled some of the windows open, maybe included a cracked window or two. 
But I decided not to do that.  More out of laziness than anything else.  


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