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 Posted: Sat Jan 19th, 2019 08:43 pm
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Hi Unk.  :wave:

The new Bountyland freight shed building is lookin' GREAT !  :rah:

I do like the look of your 'hand laid' track Bob.  :thumb:

That Code-1000 you use is VERY realistic !

I guess the lil' plastic-bag with 500 spikes in it, probably needs a fork-lift to move it.  :shocked:

Flextrack is OK, but you probably can't order it from 'Walthers' in your scale !  :P

When I get around to laying some track ...

... I hope mine has that  C :cool: :cool: L  funky narrow gauge look like yours Unk !  :)

I guess asking what you stain your ties with ... & if you pre-distress them, is just silly !  ;)

Keep it BIG ! Uncle Bob !  :old dude:




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