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 Posted: Mon Jan 21st, 2019 06:59 pm
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Hi Daniel

The huge long link in Post 315 is a bit much as it causes the whole Page width to go crazy

Also there is no information as to exactly what it is a link to ?

Why do I want to click on this link where does it go and what is its significance ?

There is a simple function button in the Main Reply Window to deal with links and label them

It is the World Globe With Chain Link in front of it top row third from right

Using it allows your link to be pasted into the first popup box

After clicking on OK the second popup box allows you to appropriately name your link as you wish

After that clicking OK again takes you back to the Main Reply Window

The link now suitably named by you will have appeared where your cursor was when you clicked on the link icon

Its OK Posting loads and loads of links

But it would be nice if they were Posted using the Link Posting Button as described above

Plus of course with some description of what exactly the link is to and why it is of interest

Links to YouTube videos etc really need some text with them describing what they are




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