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 Posted: Wed Jan 23rd, 2019 03:31 pm
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Reg H

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I had to stop and get some real work done.

I think there may be a matter of scale here, too. 
I have a mill interior kit in 1/4" scale that is modeled from a small mill in northern California. 
Apart from being a circular saw mill, the layout, taken from the turn of century prototype, is almost identical to the interior layout of the BTS kit. 
Saw/edger/swing saw and out the door.  

I would think, from a vast ignorance, that a very small mill might grade the lumber in the yard. 

It has not been my intention of loading outbound cars at the loading dock. 
With no drying provision, I would think, again, working from my ignorance, that a very small mill would dry, to the extent possible, in the yard. 
Which would mean outbound loading would take place from the yard.  

Though the BTS kit is a pretty large structure for a small model railroad, as mills go, it is rather small. 

Another factor is that I am out to capture the essence, rather than getting down to rivet counting. 
That was always a contrast between my approach to rail fanning and John's. 
In fact, John did not consider himself a rail fan.  He styled himself an industrial archeologist. 
On our trips together, while John worked to collect all the details he could, I would stand back and try and capture the feel of the scene.  

That carries over into my modeling.


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