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 Posted: Wed Jan 23rd, 2019 06:17 pm
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David Laughery

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Hi All

I am looking forward to sharing my Gn15 interest with you all. 

First, thanks to Larry G for putting some of my photos in his thread. 
I am working through learning the posting of photos and will add them to this thread as soon as possible.

My layout will be set in 1935 and based on the process of extracting glue from the heads of fish.
There really is such an industry (fish bladders, not heads, though)
and the movement of these fish parts to the small factory is the basis of my planned layout. 

Since the process exudes a rather unpleasant aroma, city officials have forced Mr Sorray Charles to place his facility a bit offshore.
Sorray's brother provides the fish heads as a by-product of his cannery;
nothing goes to waste and the bone heads are converted to bone meal. 
Everything, of course, needs to travel by small railway.
The final product, liquid fish head glue,
is pumped into tank cars and taken back to the mainland to be used by a Government facility and private manufacturers. 

Steam and small gas/diesel locos (a passion of Sorray's, he has as many engines as rolling stock!) do the pushing and pulling.

Thanks for reading.
Now to figure out this photo posting thing. 

Regards, Dave L.

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