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 Posted: Wed Jan 30th, 2019 07:24 pm
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davecttr wrote: First question - When the DelTang Rx is switched on it checks the battery voltage and sets the LVC (low voltage cut off).

From the DelTang features page for a Rx.

3V for <4.3V measured at startup
4V for 4.3-6V
6V for 6-9V
9V for >9.1V

As you can see a fully charged 2S Li-Po battery gives 8.4V so the LVC is set to 6V.
These are the default options and can be changed by programming the Rx.

Second question - Yes, the Pololu maintains the rated output and the efficiency falls.
I change from a 1S to 2S battery if the loco power requirements are above about 300mA with a 9V Pololu.

Thanks Dave,

That makes sense, and some clever programming.

So I guess it is safe to assume that if you have a 2S pack (with the same age and capacity cells)
they will discharge equally, or at least nearly so?

Does that also mean that building a Li-Po pack with different capacity cells is a definite no-no?

It is a little hard to tell on my 5-0-5 ammeter,
but it seems my victim Porter draws somewhere between 250-400mA under light load.
I may end up going with a 1S for simplicity, but the starter set comes with a 2S.

I really need to find an RC shop and get a look at some of this stuff.


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