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 Posted: Tue Feb 5th, 2019 01:49 am
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Rod Hutchinson

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Si. wrote:  Really nice lookin' greenery in your woods !  :thumb:

And not a single Volt to be found on those 'genuine' wooden 'rails' either.  :us:

Your railtractor you Posted recently looked great !  :)

I was trying to work out where you hid all the batteries & electrickery ? 

What part of Aus. does 'The Points' represent ?  L:


In the rail tractor the battery is in the roof.  The construction of the timbers in the roof frame are spaced so the battery fits.

Neither timber or steel rail is powered.  All my On30 locos are BPRC.

Receiver is about the size of your thumbnail, motor / gearbox is off the shelf with bespoke cross drive fitted.

The Points was a real world location, East of Melbourne, Australia.

The arrows, below, show where the timber meets steel rail.


Rod Hutchinson
Mooroolbark, Australia
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