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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2019 06:34 pm
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:old dude:

Legend has it, that very soon after some clever scientist chap discovered that copper conducted elektrickercy ...  :!:

... Woodie :cb: was one of the first, even before Robinson :brill: of 1874 ...

... to have WIRES all over the place !  :shocked:

Of course he quit the copper, for radio-waves, as soon as ZZ-Tops 'Eliminator' hit the FM stations back in the '80s.  :cool:

I'm pretty sure I've seen that 'Eliminator' 1933 chopped Ford around on Woodies :cb: layout ... somewhere ?  L:

Maybe round the back of Tillmans Autos ... RUSTY as hell back then it was, as I remember !  :old dude:

:!::java: ;)



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