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 Posted: Wed Feb 27th, 2019 07:03 pm
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HOLY HI-TECH !  Mike.   :brill: :brill: :brill: :brill: :brill:

Sure looks com-ple-ca-ted !  L:

My one, has got a big dial on the front, & some smouldering ni-chrome wire inside !!  :P

I quite like the look of the 'brake' & 'throttle' controls.  :thumb:  ( Thumb free operation )  ;)

$4!7 ... Might have to read the manual.  :dope:

The 'POWER IN' ... I think I got it on that one.  :cool:

I'm guessing 'RAIL A' and 'RAIL B' ... go to the rails ( Dunno if you got 'Lionel' though )  ;)

'JUMP' ... 'PROG' ... 'GROUN D' ... & those baffling computer network sockets ...

... look like Rocket Appliance stuff to me !

Better ask Woodie  :cb:  about those ones !!  :P

I normally nod off at the back of the class ...  :y:
... but I'm gonna try and pay attention & learn something here, for my D.C.C. exams !  :old dude:

Nice looking new toy Mike !  :thumb:




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