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 Posted: Mon Mar 4th, 2019 04:40 pm
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Hi Murray  :wave:

Your electricians-mate looks pretty darn lazy ... Snoozing on the job again ! by the looks of things.  :y:

Arh ! ... That's more like it ! ... Looks like they're checking the specs. on the new cable now.  ;)

C :cool: :cool: L  kitty !  :P

It looks like your layout baseboards are in 2 separate parts at the moment ...  :brill:

... So you're gonna need at least 1 connector, to make connection & disconnection easy.

Perhaps you have some connectors already, in your parts hoard !  :thumb:

You could have 2 connectors, 1 on each join also ...
... But a 'Bus' only actually 'needs' to be 1 long line of cable as a minimum spec.  :old dude:

Just a guesstimation, the solar-panel cable, might be 2.5mm CSA (cross sectional area) & rated at maybe 30 Amps.

Plenty for a Porter !  ;)

I would tend to use thinner cable, like Peter has used, or many other similar types ...

... but, since you got that solar-panel cable, you may as well try to use it.  :cool:

The only issues might be, fitting it into your connectors screw-terminals ...

... or getting enough heat into it, to ensure a decent solder 'flow', if the connector is a solder type.

Before choosing your board-to-board connector ... 

... You might wanna think about any 'extra' buses that may be needed on your layout.  L:

D.C.C. I think you are wanting ?

Switch-machines / Point-motors ?

Building lighting, perhaps a standard 12 Volts ?

What have I forgotten ?  ???




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