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 Posted: Mon Mar 4th, 2019 08:01 pm
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" Am I right in thinking these only bind with one receiver at a time ? "

Hi Tom  :wave:

I believe you are correct on that.  L:

The FS-GT2E etc. are the simplest & cheapest, of the fairly extensive 'FlySky' range of Transmitters.  :shocked:

Some of the more expensive & complex Transmitters, with L.C.D. screens & the like, I think will bind to several Receivers.

I am not sure on which do or don't & what exactly are the extra features included though.  ???

I don't think anyone here is using any of the the more complex 'FlySky' Transmitters ... YET ! ...  :P

... So I guess it's a case of R.T.F.M.  ;)



These look like they could be worth checking out.  :thumb:

They aren't even as EXPENSIVE as they  L :cool: :cool: K  either !

They may  I THINK ?  be able to control TWO trains at once, one on each of the two sticks.  L:

Note the 2  O/I  On/Off  buttons, one each side.


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