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 Posted: Mon Mar 4th, 2019 09:20 pm
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I'm using one Si - hence why I ask about the GT2 range which I haven't got !

I got a GT3B in 2017 when I started my experiments with this cheap system.
Problem was I'd ordered a GT3C.
However I ended up getting a full refund from eBay for it, as it wasn't as described.

Had to wait around 3 months and give them the opportunity to send me the return postage before I could use it though,
by which time I'd gone back to Thailand and so haven't used it until recently.

As it comes it has 10 memory slots, so you can use it with up to 10 receivers.
I'm only currently using it with 2, but I have more on order.

You can do a mod on it that allows a firmware hack that gives you 63 slots,
but that's probably OTT for my purposes.

There seems to be only about $10 between the GT2E and the GT3B at the moment anyway.
So I think the more expensive one is the better bet.

Only bad point is it takes 12 rather than 4 AA cells.
I've modded mine to take 3 18650 Li-Ion cells


I don't like getting old, but it's better than the alternative....
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