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 Posted: Sat Mar 9th, 2019 06:31 pm
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No photos, I'm afraid. At the time I did anything with that tram, I didn't have a digital camera - but you haven't missed much.

If I recall correctly, I don't think I really did very much with the tram - add some prepainted figures - paint the window frames and bench seats - add a couple of stickers to represent notices - add a bit of thread to represent the rope used to move the trolley pole. In other words, the sort of stuff that wouldn't take anyone very long to do.

I certainly didn't do any DCC stuff - not much point really, when I'd have nowhere to run it.

More recently, my time has been pretty much taken over by looking after my parents - which is why I haven't had chance to do much in the way of modelmaking for some time. It's also why I haven't had chance to post on here for quite a while.

The posts I have had chance to put on a UK site have tended to be in odd seconds, snatched between being summoned to the opposite corner of the house to deal with "stuff" - either that, or posted well after midnight, when I've been so tired that I have difficulty even remembering my name. (This might also explain why my blue eyes have recently taken on a distinctly reddish tinge - but I digress.)

At various times, I have wondered about using Bachmann On30 trams as the basis for a number of decidedly "niche" projects (if I get the time, that is) - but they don't seem to be in the shops these days. The very few I have come across secondhand have been at "wishful thinking" prices (in this sense, a bit like OO gauge Lima / Hornby GWR Diesel railcars) - so the chances of me buying any of the things have been south of zero.

Similar comments also apply to Bachmann On30 coaches, combines etc.. That's right - I've wondered  about some "niche" builds using these, too - but I also don't expect any of these to see the light of day any time soon ... .

Of course, all this talk of "bashes", conversions etc., does assume the availability of time to actually do any of these builds - builds which would probably rely on "Rule 1" (it's mine - so I'll do exactly as I choose) and assumptions that the vehicles had lasted longer then been modified or cloned.

If I ever get the time to build any of these, I could see my plans changing - either that, or a long queue of potential builds, with loads of time wasted deciding which projects should be first to get built. I could imagine other people here facing similar dilemmas - for a variety of reasons - enough said, really.


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