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 Posted: Mon Mar 11th, 2019 11:22 pm
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I have a little more time on my hands for a week, before we have the next manic session.

I originally set out just to use a couple of these models with a narrow gauge railway layout, but as with so many things in this hobby things haven't worked out that way.

I am now looking to populate the whole of the narrow gauge section of a tram layout using these models.
first job is to lower the body which I have found is simpler than I thought it might be, then I looked at the track and because I plan to have some 3' 6" gauge trams I took the decision to re-gauge the models, which again is proving to be simpler than I anticipated, only made unsatisfying by the fact that I cant get the bachman wheels to go on to the new axles with out having some wobble.
I have also found a company in the US which makes a wee enclosure window frame for the balcony, they're not too expensive and look quite nice once fitted in place.

The next challenge is a bogie tram using two bodies, I haven't worked this out yet but the scratching of a few more grey cells should help.

The one thing I do need to sort out and haven't really give the attention it needs is the fitting of DCC decoders, granted it may seem a wee bit OTT to some but I want sound and lights that don't change their intensity depending on the speed (power supplied to the track) I am presently thinking about the digitrax decoder simply because it has two down loadable sound files but I am open to hear of other options people might be using.

Anyhow that's a very quick overview on my interest in these models.


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