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 Posted: Wed Mar 13th, 2019 04:09 pm
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Reg H

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I haven't found a kit that really attracts my attention, yet.  
So some plans would be mighty welcome. 
Those footprints sound doable. 

I have a large supply of styrene shapes and sheet. 
When our local hobby shop closed up I bought them out of their Evergreen supply. 
I used a small amount to build the 1/4" scale station that has shown up on this forum,
leaving a large a large stack for future projects. 

I also have a substantial supply of basswood strips and sheet. 
So I have plenty of materials for scratch building. 

The problem with the Labbe model is that it is mounted on a piece of plywood. 
I am loath to start hacking it up. 
In fact, it is something I just won't do.

Arrangements are starting to come together.  
I was hoping to get some more work done this week,
but the extended period of cold weather has seeped into my basement. 
Typically, the basement stays within a narrow range of comfortable temperatures year around,
but not right now, it has just been too cold for too long. 
I went down there Monday evening and it was just too cold to work.  

Even though the mill looks very complete,
I estimate that it is really about 50% done in terms of time. 
I have about 160 very, very tiny NBW castings to apply to the jack slip bents. 
The jack slip itself needs to be built (and it is pretty complex), then the two docks.  

I am scratching around on how to configure a green chain. 
One of the add-on kits from B.T.S. may work, or not. 
I need to do some more research on that.   

Following that I will start on the log dump.  
I have perused the instructions and it looks pretty easy.
Obviously a lot less involved than the mill.  

Then I will be ready to build the engine house.  
Once those three major components are in hand I can start figuring out the arrangement. 
I will eventually want to add some additional small features,
but those can wait until after I get the track down.


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