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 Posted: Sat Mar 16th, 2019 04:49 pm
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" ... needs power off a 16V AC wallwart/transformer.
Operation seems to depend on having two ( positive and negative ) half-waves.
A nowadays standard wallwart delivers filtered DC, so that may be the explanation "

Hi Helmut  :wave:

That was EXACTLY what I was trying to say on the last Page <<< previously.  :old dude:

I don't think Murray confirmed if he was using an A.C. (correct) or D.C. (incorrect) wall-wart ?  ???

If he binned the original U.S. Voltage wall-wart ...

... & then picked up an Aussie one, having D.C. output ...

... YES ! ... That sounded like the problem to me.  :P

Especially since TWO Bachmann controllers BOTH did the 'funny' business ...  :f: :f:

... & were very possibly tested, using the same ( D.C. ? ) wall-wart.  L:

The oDd reversing-switch operation, is the give away here, I think.  :brill:

So come on Murray ... Spill the beans ! ... Show us your wall-wart !!  :shocked:

:old dude:


And yeah ... It ISN'T a straightforward resistance controller, like my swingin' '60s one.  [whack]

It probably has at least 1 rectifier & 1 transistor inside ...

... as well as the throttle (potentiometer) & forwards/backwards (D.P.D.T. Double Pole Double Throw) switch.

I actually unscrewed my Mates one, about 3 Christmases ago, cos I am a curious *$%&@£ ...  ;)

... but can't for the life of me remember what the hell was inside ?  :us:

I looked for AGES on The Net for a photo of the 'guts' of one ...

... & surprisingly couldn't find one anywhere.  :us:



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