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 Posted: Tue Mar 19th, 2019 09:52 pm
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Today I want to show you my latest project -
a derelict Interurban coach body that I will complete and set up to operate on DCC.

First, a little background ...  unfortunately, much of what I know is guesswork and incomplete.
Frank Schlegel is supposed to have been a pioneer in HO modeling.
He was mentioned in old Trolley publications, and every few years one of his models shows up at evilbay.

Apparently he choose the Illinois Traction as a prototype for his cars, most obvious at the model of the combine.
The front and the turtle roof are pure IT, otherwise he took modelers license.

This is my combine - bought it at Chicagoland Hobby twenty years ago, painted and completed it back then.
As I had no access to vintage power trucks back then,
I installed a modern Kleinbahn truck from an Austrian diesel hydraulic railcar.

Then there was a box motor too...  the IT never had one as elegant as this one.

It came with an vintage Lindsay power truck.
Unfortunately I will have to replace this with something else,
as I know of no way to insulate the brushes from the motor casting, so DCCing is impossible. 

Recently, I added another combine to my roster...  it will be lettered for my private line. 

Finally, after twenty years I discovered there is a matching coach too... 

That's what I got...  first it got a bath in boiling detergent solution to remove the old paint.

Basking in the sun, on shop trucks...

Now for the missing floor and roof... 
Fabricated a floor from 0.8 brass sheet, and installed old Walther Baldwin trucks.
Regarding the roof, I was lucky to have some parts from a pirate copy of a Schlegel coach in my parts inventory.
Obviously, back then various small outfits did soft metal castings of someone elses models... 
Often wonder about the legal background?

Anyway, I had the required roof.
Had to shorten it a little, looks good. 

Wonder how to finish it...  maybe in traction orange, to match the IT combine, but lettered for my private line?


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