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 Posted: Wed Mar 20th, 2019 03:48 pm
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Remembering my college law courses,
there are three main ways to protect something;
trademark, copyright or patent.

Trademark would be like McDonald's or Amazon's logo.

Copyright is printed material, movies, songs, and software. 
Go to a copy center and try to have a magazine photo copied,
they should turn you away because it's copyrighted. 

Patent is usually for machines or a process. 
Generally last 15 to 20 years.

Could I make a copy of an Athearn Blue Box boxcar and sell it? 
Well, I suppose I could, but is it really worth the trouble? 
Just run the numbers and the economics don't make any sense.
And, all I have to do is make a few small changes in the mold,
and now it is no longer an exact copy. 
But, really, how many of the same part or piece do we normally need for a model? 

And, are we not better off as a group supporting the small manufacturers out there,
that supply us with all those neat items that we can't get along without.

But, what you do in your dark basement is your business.

I've always had a fondness for traction. 
Have quite a few books on the PE and other western electrics. 
Even had a small HO trolley layout with working overhead. 

Not clear on the DCC problem with working overhead. 
Found some information that suggests that you can use DCC:

Nye, Inyo & Esmeralda Railroad
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