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 Posted: Thu Mar 28th, 2019 01:47 am
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The 'Bachmann Train Controller' 100% def. DOES NEED a '16 Volt A.C.' output wall-wart !  :old dude:

A quick glance at this fairly simple MRC Tech-7 Power Pack schematic.  :dope:

Shows that '15.8 V AC' is taken from before the rectifier Diodes 1 to Diode 4 ...

... & fed into the 'business' part of the throttle circuit via a 10K Ohm resistor ...

... to take advantage of & use it's handy 50/60 Hertz frequency, in the main circuit.

The MRC schematic ^^ shows a built-in transformer, with AC Cord ...  :brill:

... but had it not been designed like this, a wall-wart could power it just as effectively ...

... but it would HAVE TO BE an A.C. output one of 16 Volts (or 15.8 V in MRCs case !).  :P

I couldn't find a schematic of the actual 'Bachmann Train Controller'.  :us:

Someone familiar with where their 'Service Sheets' are stashed on The Net, might find one ?  ???

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