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 Posted: Thu Apr 4th, 2019 08:56 pm
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It is almost 3 weeks after the last Ontraxs exhibition but I hadn't time to sort the photo's earlier.

The level of some of the layouts was a bit below Ontraxs standards so I don't have a photo of each layout.

Well, here are the photo's I think are worth to be posted.

1. Tolsteegbrug, a Dutch layout in the city of Utrecht

2. Bahnhof Gollwald, situated in/based on Austria

3. Porto flavia

4. Marienfeld

5. Bard-Daizami

6. L'ile (the island)

7. Klosterstollen (scale 1:22.5)

8. Hinterlassenschaften Hamburg 1946 (a scene in the German city Hamburg just after WW2)

About the above motorloco, it has two motors, one drives the loco and the other the flywheel.
There is also a speaker under the seat.

To be continued.


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