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 Posted: Wed Apr 10th, 2019 03:31 pm
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Hi Stan

The information in this Thread :

Latest Official Info. - Uploading Photos To Your Gallery & Posting Them To Your Thread

is the latest and 'official' info. on uploading photos to your Freerails Members Gallery

You will also find info. there on Posting your uploaded photos from your Members Gallery to your Thread

It is very easy to do once you have read & understand & follow the clearly Posted directions carefully

It is all explained very simply step by step so there should be no confusion as what to do

Give these 'official' & clearly explained Postings a good read & just have a go

It really is very easy when following these well written step by step directions

There are a number of poorly explained & out of date photo posting descriptions floating around

These are in the process of all being DELETED in the interest of clarity

As we can only offer any 'precious' Admin. support time based on following the 'official' directions



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