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 Posted: Mon May 6th, 2019 09:06 pm
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January 2019 was an absolutely totally fantastic month stats. wise for Freerails

But a very difficult one for other reasons as well

By the end of January 2019 we had the highest number of page views in a month EVER

It was thought that Freerails would reach  1,000,000  MILLION  page views by the end of January

But with this massively increased traffic & usage came the unforeseen problem of bandwidth

The more folks that are clicking & looking the more bandwidth Freerails needs to have

On 3 occasions during January 2019 Freerails tripped the Sites bandwidth overload-switch

This resulted in the Site being off-air for 3 periods of about  12  &  6  &  6  hours each

Users may or may not have noticed these off-air periods depending on when they logged in

But the 3 off-air periods totaled 1 whole day between them whilst the overload was dealt with

Total page views for January over the last few years

355,133    January    2015

417,368    January    2016

443,108    January    2017

527,397    January    2018

934,736    January    2019

As you can see Freerails didnt quite make the cool MILLION mark in January 2019

But the Site was off-air for 24 hours during the course of the month due to the bandwidth issues

Had Freerails been on-air 24/7 as per usual could the Site have made the magic  1,000,000  MILLION ?

Who knows



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