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 Posted: Sun May 19th, 2019 11:45 am
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" I was using this as a guideline as it appeared to be the most succinct explanation I could find "

That Thread has been deliberately edited to be "succinct" & those guidelines have been the same for years

It has also been deliberately made very easy to "find" & has also been made a Forum Sticky as well

Posted in block-capitals right at the top of the General Talk Forum along with this current Thread

- SELLING ITEMS ON FREERAILS ? - Selling Personal Items Is OK If You Follow The Guidelines

" But in all honesty, the possibility of offering something of general use at a good value,
is overshadowed by the controversy, so I will do something else with it "

If one wants to make a mountain out of a mole hill then that mountain will be made

That mountain will then in all honesty just overshadow every very simple possibility with controversy

Here is an example of that from 2 years ago & in fact the Forums only example of a 'How Not To Do It'

For Sale - Making room on the shelves

Guidelines regarding the offering of personal items For Sale on Freerails are as clear as crystal

This current Thread has extended that crystal clarity in regard to commercial items being disallowed

Oh BTW one or two of you out there just might have heard of a little Internet Site called EBAY ! 

Everything possibly imaginable can be both bought & sold there as easy as anything

From Lakers tickets to loo roll they got it



" We Got Places All Over The Place "

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