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 Posted: Sat Jun 1st, 2019 02:28 pm
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The principal problem being looked into at the moment is ...

" all sorts of spam and camouflaged advertising "

Freerails as you know, is not a place jammed full of RULES !

Not only is potential 'rule-making' tedious, but is largely un-needed.

There are of course UNWRITTEN RULES as well !

One of the most blindingly obvious 'Unwritten Rules', is that Freerails is a NON-COMMERCIAL SITE.

What is being looked into at present, is simply instances where existing 'Guidelines' are NOT being followed.

There seems to be an idea floating about, that if $$$ money isn't mentioned, then it's OK.

The 'Guidelines' however, are clearly stated in regard to PERSONAL ITEMS only.

There are NO 'Guidelines' regarding COMMERCIAL COMPANIES ...

... since Freerails is a NON-COMMERCIAL SITE.

I hope that illustrates the difference between PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL fully.

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