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 Posted: Wed Jun 12th, 2019 07:27 pm
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Reg H

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Progress is being made on the mill. 

We are having 80+ degree weather here (somewhat unusual, quite unusual for June),
so I have an excuse to cower in the basement.

The jack slip is competed except for the handrails, and the jack slip shed is assembled and installed. 
Since the photo was taken the roofing has been applied.

I attached much of the roofing on the mill using a spray adhesive. 
It is beginning to appear that was not a good decision.  

I am saving the installation of some really fragile parts, until the mill is permanently installed on the layout. 
It is fragile enough as it is.

The rafters for this dock were a major undertaking.  They are very small and light. 
Since this was taken the roofing has been applied... using Elmers Glue-All and the roof installed. 
This dock is actually the output port of the mill. 
From here I will build a "green line" that will double as the departing loading dock.  

Every now and then I take issue with the sequencing.  This is a case in point. 
Had I read ahead a bit more, I would have installed the header for this roof before joining the walls together.
If you look closely you can see some "posts" under the header. 
It was the only way I could see to get it installed at the correct height and level.

I took another approach with the loading dock (for deliveries).  It's roof is a bit different.
I cut some spacers for the roof height and temporarily attached them with a dab of rubber cement. 

Another sequencing variation is that, for these small roofs,
it makes good sense to apply the roofing material prior to mounting the roof on the mill.  

Once all this is dry I am going to call the mill complete for the moment. 
There is a small porch yet to be assembled and installed, and a wrap around walk way. 
I am going to hold off on those until the mill is in its permanent location in order to avoid damage. 
In hind sight I should have done the same with the two docks.


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