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 Posted: Wed Jun 12th, 2019 11:14 pm
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Reg H

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Yes, the second dock very definitely appears to be for the receiving department. 
The photos show a crated saw blade
(provided in the kit as a detail...there is a stack of small details)
so that suggests incoming supplies.

I can see where one would want incoming supplies and parts,
to be separate from cut lumber coming off the planer. 

I intend to extend the "green line" dock,
into what will come close to representing a green line,
as I have observed in the photo (and others) that you provided.  

Yes, it is on to the unloader. 
I have stained all the parts that look like they need staining. 
There is not much to be airbrushed.  

I don't subscribe to Model Railroader,
so I don't know what they did to the unloader.

My two mags are the Gazette,
and Model Railroad Hobbiest, an online magazine.


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