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 Posted: Thu Jun 13th, 2019 08:57 pm
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Alan Sewell


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Hi Reg

Will be interested to see how you set up the green chain.
If you want any more info on that I will see what I have got 

Well given what you said I guess the other dock is for machinery and supply,
although I can't remember ever seeing something like that.
The nearest was the attached I took at Scotia in 1989,
which looks like a way of handling spare band saws into the mill. 
My visit was brief on a Saturday, so the railroad was not working,
but I did see their two GE 88-ton in the open fronted engine house.
And now it is all gone.

My comment on the Model Railroader layout,
was on the series running on Model Railroader Video Plus called Olympia2.
It is an On30 logging layout supposedly in Washington,
where there were not many narrow gauge loggers anyway.
David Popp originally built a dump with an A frame but no brow log.
After some comments he corrected this but left the brow log too far from the tracks and too low.
He also had the cable from the A-frame attaching to the cars rather than the brow log.
I did e-mail him on this, but no response.

Anyway will be interested to see how yours works out.


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