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 Posted: Fri Jun 14th, 2019 06:40 pm
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Reg H

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There has been some progress on the log dump. 
It is going together pretty rapidly.

I know everyone recommends using a weathered gray finish. 
I have that option in my bag of tricks.  I just prefer the brown stain. 
In the end, I don't need to please anyone but myself.

I just about had a disaster with the beams. 
The instructions are not crystal clear on how they are to be installed.  
I went ahead and glued them in the way I thought they should be. 
I was about to pack it all up and go upstairs, pleased with the progress.  

But something just kept bugging me,
kind of a nag in the back of my mind, that it wasn't right. 
For one thing, I had left over parts. 
My experience with the mill is that BTS doesn't provide any extra structural parts.  

So I went back to it, looked it over and poured over the instructions looking for a clue.
Sure enough, kind of buried in an unrelated drawing,
the beams show up, and I had not installed them correctly. 
Fortunately, the glue had not firmly set up.

Had I not caught it there would have been some very serious problems down the road.


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