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 Posted: Mon Jun 17th, 2019 04:15 pm
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Reg H

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You just can't have enough clamps.  
This is the header for the log dump, visible in the background.  

This kit is going together pretty rapidly, compared to the mill. 
Note the pre-drilled (lasered?) holes for the NBW castings.  That is a major blessing.
This beam is made up of four separate pieces.

The clamps are from Harbor Freight. 
I have no idea how many of these clamps I have, some in the model shop,
some in the machine shop, some in my music bag for outside events. 
Harbor Freight sells these things dirt cheap.  
Sometimes they will have a bag of assorted sizes, sometimes just individually. 
They used to all be black. 
Some time ago they decided they had to be in "designer" colors. 
I always pick up a handful, or bag, whenever I am in Harbor Freight.  


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