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 Posted: Fri Jun 21st, 2019 11:37 pm
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There is no issue

Freerails is visually presented on whatever screen its viewed on courtesy of HTML

This means especially these days that Freerails is viewed on a huge range of screens

From regular average computer or laptop screens to huge panoramic widescreens

Tablets and suchlike with everything from modest screen sizes to huge megapixel ones

Also the Site is viewed on all manner of cellphones of many different makes and systems

A problem arises with presentation when long lines of text are viewed on different devices

It means that on the same screen a photo can be 800 pixels wide and text 3840 pixels wide

Very long line lengths or huge blocks of text without any line returns prove very hard to read

To improve the readability of Freerails on multiple devices sometimes line returns are added

In every instance the readability and presentation on vastly different screens is improved



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