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 Posted: Sun Jun 30th, 2019 11:21 am
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Interesting chart, showing 8 different colour LEDs, right across the spectrum ...  :brill:

... including the invisible-light of both the Infra-Red & Ultra-Violet LEDs ...

... Infra-Red, Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, & Ultra-Violet.

You can see that all the different colours of LED, have different VF Forward-Voltages.

Some calculated 'standard resistor values' ...

... For series resistors R ... with different supply Voltages Vs ... & LED colours.

Operating current figures & the LEDs 'forward Voltage drops' are not show.

Operating current in mA (milliAmps) can be varied, up to the maximum allowed, according to taste.

The various 'forward Voltage drops', as we can see in the graph ^^ above, vary with LED colour.

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