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 Posted: Mon Jul 1st, 2019 05:50 pm
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Reg H

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The log dump is coming along.  

This week is extra busy with other commitments,
so I don't expect to make much progress until next week.

An observation... I am a luddite. 
In keeping with that characteristic,
I have a carefully hoarded collection of Floquil paint.  

However, current projects required colors that I did not have,
so I ordered some Badger acrylic paints.
My early experience with acrylics many years ago,
when the Polly S paints first came out, were not positive. 
In fact, they were very negative.

I have seen the light. 
I have now applied the Badger paints to wood, metal and plastic.  
They adhere great, and the clean up is really easy.
It isn't just the absence of the fumes, either. 
I used some of Floquil last night and it was just so messy.  

So I will be ordering up some more Badger paints
(actually, I already have ordered a couple more colors)
and will be squirreling away the Floquil,
against the day somebody comes along,
who wants to lay down some money for them.


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