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 Posted: Mon Jul 15th, 2019 03:41 pm
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Reg H

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Well, that certainly is classic PNW. 
I suppose I should have scratch built something along these lines. 
A much more "casual" construction, including the tipped trackwork. 
I love the steam-powered rail-mounted crane. 

I didn't want to get into all the research and design of a scratch built project
(which is often the biggest part of a scratch building project)
so went with the kit. 

While lacking a certain amount of verisimilitude,
I think it will make for an interesting scene. 

I received the replacement details for the boom,
and got some work on that done over the weekend. 

I am also working on finishing the trackwork for the Henderson Bay Branch. 
Once I got the log dump along enough to figure out where it would (could) go,
it became possible to determine the final layout for the branch line trackage.
The location for the turnout into the logging facility was critical. 
It turned out  (no pun intended) to need two turnouts from the branch line.
One to serve the mill, the other to access the engine facility. 

For the logging company, and the spur leading to, and across, the log dump,
I had to resort to an 18" radius curve.  
Though I may play around with the arrangement some,
to see if I can get it to at least a 20" curve. 
I really would like to see a 24", but there just isn't room.

All the branch line turnouts are #6.  
The logging line will have #5 turnouts and Code 70 rail.  

There will be a bit of an hiatus as I have to build a 12" to the foot fence. 


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