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 Posted: Fri Jul 19th, 2019 12:35 am
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Eric T


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I'm having trouble with a brand new Soundtraxx TSU-2200.

I suspect that I wired something wrong,
and I'm hoping you guys can help me determine which wire(s) are in error.

I know the red and black wires are correct,
because the blue LED shines through the shrink wrap. 

However, it won't respond to address 3,
nor is it producing any sound.

I tried unharnessing the decoder and swapping in an identical model,
and it's giving me the same results.

I'm able to control another locomotive on the same track,
and JMRI it says it can't detect the decoder,
even after manually entering its information.

Can you tell me which wires might be crossed or shorted to produce this behavior?

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