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 Posted: Thu Aug 22nd, 2019 03:54 pm
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Reg H

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Yep.  That's the one. 
On Franklin Street one block north of Railroad Avenue and one lot west of 12th.  


It started out, I believe in the 1920's, as an 850 sf "workman's cottage". 
Similar to company houses all over the US,
except Simpson did not go in for company houses. 

Some 35 years ago the additions started by the guy who was the local house razer,
using materials from the building across the street,
which was a junior high school and is now apartments.  

The original part of the house is to the left of the turret.  
There was a large shop building in back,
with an underground wine cellar between the house and the shop. 
At some point, the wine cellar was used as a foundation for a new kitchen and dining room,
which then joined the shop to the rest of the house. 
Half the shop was converted to a family room. 
The rest is a garage that is now my machine shop.  

The wine cellar is now the basement in which my model railroad resides.  
We first encountered the house in 1995.  
I had a business that had failed,
and we were living in a borrowed travel trailer, parked in a friend's back yard.   

We met the previous owners in church and my wife visited them in the house,
returned to our trailer and expressed an interest in someday living in that house. 
Which seemed an impossible dream at the time.

But life went well (for the most part) and we purchased the house in 2000.  

And that certainly is a long rabbit trail that has little to do with model railroading,
except the basement.


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