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 Posted: Tue Sep 17th, 2019 03:17 am
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Reg H

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Have I mentioned that the Builders in Scale engine house,
is really a craftsman kit with some laser cut parts?

I have?  OK.  It's the truth.

These are the roof vents, partially fabricated and assembled. 
Do not consider this kit unless you have significant craftsman kit experience. 
This represents a full afternoon's work.

It is a great kit. 
My finished engine house will be a nice addition to the layout. 
If someone were to devote a bit more time,
like a year of evenings and weekends, to the kit (I have cut some corners),
they could produce a truly stunning model from just the contents of the box,
plus paint, stain and glue. 

The BTS mill challenged my patience with 1,600 laser cut parts. 
But all the parts were laser cut.
This engine house is challenging my skill,
where most of the parts have to be fabricated. 

Of course, some of my slow progress can be attributed to age. 
My eye sight is not what it used to be, nor are my manual dexterity and steadiness. 
It just means that I have to  jig more things up, and use my magnifier.  


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