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 Posted: Wed Sep 18th, 2019 09:34 pm
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Marty Johnston


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Hi all

The track has a 10in radius,
but I laid the gauge a little wide on the curves. 
It works fine with the small size equipment that I run.
There are a few more photos posted on my website.

The scenery has been sitting for a bit,
while I work on my new C W Hunt cars and track. 
I am interested in small radius operations, since I have limited space.  
C W Hunt specialized in small radius locomotives and cars.
The prototype used outside flanged wheels and some interesting axles,
to minimize friction on curves.
He standardized to 12 foot curves, which works out to 10.5" in 7/8ths scale.

I plan on converting over the railroad to the new style of track,
once I get some working rolling stock and locomotives. 

Some info on Hunt at:

Here's a tipper car design in progress.

Regards  Marty  

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