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 Posted: Mon Sep 23rd, 2019 05:21 pm
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The town of Yellow Creek is moving.

The entire town of Yellow Creek has decided that the scenery in the Tombstone basin area is just too bleak.
They have unanimously decided to uproot the entire town, buildings, mines, railroad, everything.
So they loaded up their trucks and moved to...
the Superstitions, lost gold mines, mysterious disappearances. 

Now they will have higher peaks, lower valleys
(around 1300 feet above sea level versus 4300 in the Tombstone area)
and a "crunchier" landscape. 

Since they decided to take their rocks with them,
they had to see first if they could blend their rocks into their new setting.
As a test they had one unincorporated rock from the old Yellow Creek.

It looked like this:

They did a quick re-color with some Pan Pastels to test the feasibility of their venture:

Not great, but not bad either.
They're on their way to their new digs as we speak or rather write.


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