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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2019 05:53 pm
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Tom Harbin wrote:
does your program allow you to store a copy of your settings in a file,
so that if I go back some months latter to reprogram one of my receivers,
I can reload what my settings were for that receiver?

The Prog4 is not like a DCC decoder programmer.
You cannot set a bunch of settings and send them with one mouse click.

The vast majority of DelTang RX only can handle one command at a time,
so you need to send every single setting separately to the RX.

Aside from this, you cannot read any settings at all, from the RX.
The programming options are not stored in any way,
so there are no "decoder settings" I could save to a file.

If you later want to know which options you've programmed to a specific RX,
you need a sort of RX- database.
This will definitely need some manual work, as nothing can be read from the RX itself...

Right now there is no database- alike function included in DT-Programmer software.
This is a possible improvement later,
but I first need to think about if it's worth the effort.
And if it will be implemented I need to think about the way to do so.

Personally I wasn't in a need for this function up to now,
so I'm not sure how to implement it in a useful way.
Some RX have a huge amount of options, to catch them all will be a lot of work.

Let me think a bit before I decide,
if I will implement something like a RX (or Loco) database into DT-Programmer...

Thanks for reading, Claus

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