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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2019 07:23 pm
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I was thinking of something like a simple text file or maybe XHTML.
Dump the settings from the various pages in your program,
to a file that we could name (like On30 Porter #4.prg4).

Then if I could read it back into the programmer,
I would see what I had saved last time.

More like a centralized memory refresh (mine not the software's).
Let's see, what did I set for start voltage on that Porter,
was it 1 volt or 1.2 volt, what did I do with that hunk of paper.

It wouldn't be used to set values,
but rather to remind you what you had already set.

Since you can't bulk load nor read in the receiver,
I figured that for the guys that have lots of engines,
it would give them a way to easily recall,
how they had already customized a particular receiver.

Just a thought.



Actually it might be even more useful,
to just keep a log for a receiver session.

Log to a text file the actions saved to the receiver.
Even better if it included plain text of the sequences meaning,
as well as the actual values entered,
but then of course you get into language issues.

So if you took a receiver and changed it from a -2 to a -22 variant,
it would record the RX Version you had set,
and the change from -2 to -22.

No need to store it in a database or automate it,
just record a text entry for each save action to a text file,
and have the option to save out the file.

No need to read it back in,
just open it with your favorite text reader,
to see what you did.

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