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 Posted: Sun Oct 6th, 2019 11:49 am
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Hello Tom.

A logfile surely could be implemented.
And most likely I will start implementing this next week,
as I think it's a good idea.

Is it useful to ask the user for a specific name for the log file?
This could be annoying I fear.
But without, you need to write down the date and time by hand,
when you've programmed a specific receiver.

If no manual name is given,
the logfiles most likely must be saved only with date and time, as file name... 

Tom Harbin wrote:
So if you took a receiver and changed it from a -2 to a -22 variant,
it would record the RX Version you had set,
and the change from -2 to -22.

This can't be done exactly as wanted,
because there is no way to know which variant was set before.

I only can log the change to variant 22 itself.
But is it important to know what it has before?

And of course, I can log which menu item (aka which firmware version),
was used for this RX...
The type of the RX itself (e.g. RX61 or RX 47) I can't log,
as the program doesn't know it.

In meantime I also like the idea of a model-database in DT-Programmer.
So probably I also will implement this.

But this definitely will take a lot of time before something is ready to use.
And I first need to have a look on some other model-databases,
to see how they are structured, just as an inspiration.

Thanks for reading, Claus

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