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 Posted: Sun Oct 6th, 2019 06:29 pm
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Tom Harbin


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No it is not important what the previous setting of a field was.
Your suggestion of just saving the new setting was actually what I was trying to express.
I just didn't say it very well.

I think that saving the firmware version from the selector
(since we assume the user looks at the chip and sets it to the right selection when they start)
and the actual field value saved to the receiver, is all that is needed.

Date-time only is probably okay,
but I just figured that no database would really be needed,
if the user could easily find the log files from a particular receiver.

Of course, this assumes the user comes up with a naming convention that makes sense to them.
I would probably do something like - Porter#3-20191006-102155.txt.
Basically just some easy way to separate one receiver's files from anothers.

Maybe you could add an optional text only field near the top of the main form,
where they can enter a description if they want to,
that is appended to the beginning of the logfile name, if they chose to enter it.

If they don't enter it, they get a date-time stamp filename.
If, in my case, I entered "Porter#3-" in the field, I would get one like above.

I don't see any of this as "needed",
but rather taking what already appears to be a very useful new tool,
and making it even more useful for those of us that would use it on an occasional basis.

By the way Claus, I went out and read your blog.
Very nice.

I especially liked your posts on your CNC machine and the Kitwood Hills turntable.
I also had never heard of the coreless motors you referred to in one of your engine threads.
I checked them out.



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