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 Posted: Mon Oct 14th, 2019 09:02 pm
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Tom Harbin


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I'm currently "planning" the new track layout.
Wait a minute... track planning in the Track Planning Forum?
What am I thinking.

I can't do any detail work right now so buildings are on hiatus.
Plus I am taking a better look at my structures.

The structures on the layout that I have been showing are all of the structures that I have ever built,
except for a bunch of totally out-of-the-box Vollmer, Faller, etc. German-style plastic N-Scale structures many years ago.

Overall I'm pretty happy with what I have built but the roofs on all of the earliest structures are just plain bad.
I'm looking at what I can do to get them all in the correct era and decent looking without any or at least minimal cash outlay.
It would be a lot easier if my layout was set in the 20s.
Oh well.

I've tried to use track planning software.  I just don't like it.
The software is fine but I use computers too much as it is and I don't think well in 2D.
I can't sketch a semi-straight line so that doesn't help much either.

EZ-Track to the rescue.
My track planning consists of laying hunks of EZ-Track on foam board,
and pretending it is all connected together and flowing gracefully around the layout.
I have a good imagination...

Here was my first pass at the beginnings of YCWII:

The pile of foam represents the lower portions of a mountain with a tunnel.

The church would be on a flat on the mountain,
and a dirt path would lead from there down into the town below,
represented by the curved hunk of foam.
The track going to the left off of the old layout board goes to the outer loop,
that curves around and comes back in at the switch near the tunnel at the back.

The depot would be roughly where the dark brown rectangle is,
and there would be a through siding at the depot that doubles as a passing siding.

The freight station would be on the long inner siding near the old mountain,
and the other siding would be a team track or other industry,
although very few non-mining industries had their own sidings in the west in 1876.


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